Sunday, December 18, 2011

Grieving Father holds dead child in Typhoon Sendong aftermath

As a dad, I empathize with my fellow indio for this. How to explain this? What caused this? A few minutes ago, this child was alive, being taken cared of by his father. Now, she's dead. Quo vadis? How do we explain human suffering? This photo should remind us of one father's grief, and the other's walang paki attitude.

Pnoy will never understand his grief. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Always and Forever--for the twins of my youth

The twins of my life
I would like to share with you photos of my twins. I named the first, Adelaide while the second, Alyssa. It's always fun taking care of them.

Adelaide seems to be the serious type while Alyssa seems to be no cares of the world. She slogs off, feeds, smiles, then, sleeps. Adelaide is always conscious of the things occurring around her.

They're both cute and cuddly. And they always fight for food. Alyssa is heavier than Adelaide by a few pounds, that's why Adelaide wants to catch up. However, my wife seems unable to provide them enough time. In the photo above, Alyssa is the one on the left while Adelaide is on the right.

Let me share with you a song which rightfully describes how much I love my twins. It's called "Always and Forever" by the Heatwave.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

2012 Global Economy will still worsen--Wiedemer

Robert Wiedemer, the prophet economist which predicted the great global crisis that now affects the US and the entire world. Wiedemer says 2012 will not be different from this year. Fact is, the economy worsen and will lead to crashes in the stock market.

As a dad, with two more babies this year, I am deathly worried. Survival in the capitalist jungle means eating someone alive while letting others eat others for you. That's the very concept of capitalism.

Wiedemer says two more bubbles will burst in the US economy--the US and government debt bubble will burst by 2013.

What is the effect of this bubble bursts in our economy? Well, the Philippines is a major exporter in the United States. Obviously, household spending has slowed down this year and will still continue to slow down by 2012. When spending slows down, it affects the export industries, especially in our case when we export more non-food products than food or agricultural products.

Likewise, our currency is pegged with the US dollar. If the dollar bubble burst, it will surely impact on ours.

Fact is, we are now feeling the effects of such an economic problem right now. Spending in the Philippines is also down significantly. People are spending less and less, a problem in a consumerist economy such as ours.

I would not want to give you a pessimistic scenario let Wiedemer do it for me. Watch this video link:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Cloud Edition Maximum Security 2012 --Daddy's Tool in Protecting My kids against online threats

Trend Micro does not slow you down
One of the things that, as a parent, I always remind myself of, is protect my kid's eyes against porn. Accessing porn sites is one of the easiest things a child can do with a computer. Getting into porn sites is dangerous. First, it exposes your child to sensitive things which he is still completely not suited to learn of. And second, it exposes your personal computer from malware.

That is completely why parents should choose their security system very closely. Many of today's online security software do not have or provides less protection against porn sites. 

Not with Trend Micro Titanium Cloud Editiion Maximum Security 2012. For the past couple of days I've been using this top-notch security system and I am completely amazed by its powerful features and superb capabilities.

It works perfectly fine for a very active internet user like me. I mean, I devote 90% of my waking hours staring at the computer. My needs are way beyond the needs of an ordinary online user, being a blogger and a professional as well.

I can't afford using a lemon for a security system.

Before I was even convinced of Trend Micro's amazing cloud edition maximum security 2012 software, I was able to interview several of their officials here. Fleishman-Hillard invited me to the event. The event was about the latest and the newest security threats online.

“Trend Micro is committed to empowering online users and their families to live their digital lives to the fullest, without fear or hesitation,” said Jefferson Lat, country sales manager, Trend Micro.  “As consumers continue to take advantage of all the Internet has to offer, we continue our commitment to enhancing the protection our products provide. Our innovative cloud approach has enabled us to proactively defend our customers’ online experience. Now we are adding up-to-the-minute features such as social media and mobile protection to ensure all aspects of the digital lifestyle can be made secure.”

With a "set-and-forget" user interface, Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Cloud Edition Maximum Security 2012 harnesses the power of the cloud and provides up-to-the-minute protection and proactively stops threats before they reach the consumer. It protects everything from family photographs to family finances; online shopping to Facebooking; mobile computing to game-playing – no matter whether the preferred device is a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, or a fully-loaded gaming PC.  

“While smartphones and social networks are becoming increasingly popular, users should be aware that their heavy usage has made them likely targets of security threats,” said Myla Pilao, Director for Core Technology at TrendLabs, the threat surveillance and research arm of Trend Micro. “A seemingly harmless wall post from a friend, a video shared by an online contact, or an instant message from a colleague can potentially lead to an attack. Mobile threats include worms and spyware that track users’ Web activity and location, make charges via SMS messages, and more. In the last six months, we have observed a fourteen-fold increase of malware targeting Android smartphone users.”

A new feature in Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Cloud Edition Maximum Security 2012 is a tool that visually identifies safe and malicious links on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The software also offers mobile security for smartphones and tablets, including robust tools for Android devices with Trend Micro™ Mobile Security for Android™ Personal Edition and file and folder synchronization and backup through Trend Micro™ SafeSync™ online service.

Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Cloud Edition Maximum Security 2012 is powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure, providing consumers thorough protection from and rapid response times to emerging threats.  Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ technology has been ranked #1 in protection by three independent labs across 10 individual tests since September 2009.  Because it provides a cloud-based solution, Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Cloud Edition Maximum Security 2012 utilizes less than half the disk space and memory of other security products.

New security enhancements include a tool that eliminates programs posing as antivirus software (Fake AV), proactive botnet and PE Virus protection, and protection against malware packer technology. Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Cloud Edition Maximum Security 2012 also includes enhancements to Parental Controls, Behavioral Monitoring, and Rootkit detection and removal. In a recent test conducted by, it showed a 60% improvement in detecting and removing Rootkits, a difficult to detect, subversive form of malware.

A fun “skin” feature also offers consumers the opportunity to completely customize the look for their digital life protection.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sale! Sale! at Pasong Tamo Makati

If you want to buy a nice Van HOuten or an IZOD shirt, go and look at this outlet at Pasong Tamo extension in Makati.

You can readily find the place became it teems with people. Oh yeah.

Van Houten shirts are just under 600 pesos per piece, yep, from its 2,000 plus previous price tags.

Wanting a nice watch? There are several pieces to choose from, all imported brands. Of course, who will not salivate with a 2,000 plus original Ray Ban eyeglass? I saw a very nice Aviator designer eye glass there. There are also Pradas, Burberrys and nice designer eyeglasses.

Pasong Tamo extension is the one where you alight from the MRT-Alpha building. Aside from this outlet, several warehouse sales also line the area. So, come check it out right now. Right now.

Ning's at the Peninsula Manila

Ning's is one of the nicest yet the most enigmatic places in the Philippines. Ning is located at the Manila Peninsula hotel in Makati. It is an exclusive place. 

For all its finery and exquisitivity, the Ning has history written all over it. It is said that Ning is the name of a rich lady and all the things you'll find and see in there were pieces deemed valuable by her. 

If you want a lovely AND lively chit-chat with your love one, go and see the Ning at the Pen. 

(shot by a Nikon 3100. Nice huh :-) )

Who is the Ning here?

Papa John--The best pizza in Metro Manila

Just look at the yummy and thick crust and the thick toppings and you'll be convinced that Papa John's Pizza is the best pizza parlor in town. Papa John's pizzas are hand-made and cooked specially for you. And the price is really not that expensive. You're paying premium, I guess.

Friday, December 2, 2011

On Rhian Ramos alleged abortion--what she missed

the joy of seeing your kid having fun
is the best thing in the world
Seriously, I wasn't surprised with what DJ Mo Twister revealed--that his girlfriend of so many months, Rhian Ramos, has just gotten herself pregnant and went to Singapore to do a procedure.

I mean, Moo has been a menace for three girls already---Buddy Paras, this beautiful Australian McBride and another sweet pretty young thing, I already forgot the name. This character, Gumatay is his real name, do things that give honor to his real surname. And I'm not really surprised why he's called Twister--that describes his mind.

The joy of motherhood can never be explained
And I don't know Rhian Ramos personally. She looks nice. She looks immaculate and of course, looks always deceive.

Anyway, abortion is not allowed in the Philippines. That's what some people fear about the Reproductive Health bill---when this bill passes in Congress, this will legalize abortion. Nope.

The RH bill really is above this. Abortion only happens when two irresponsible persons meet and have sex, that's when abortion happens.

I'm not moralising here. Honestly, I encountered the same problem like what Rhian and Mo Twister did several years ago, when I was still a bumbling idiot like Mo.

When she opens her eyes, my world lights up
I know you will not believe what I'll be sharing here but this is the truth---I was very active before, going on dates and having sex. Yep, I had, what 27 girlfriends before I finally settled with one--my current wife.

I got a girlfriend pregnant. We thought then of aborting it but we never did. Now, she's my wife and we enjoy the company of five lovely kids, all gifts from God.

I just realized that my life is going nowhere and that prompted me to end my gallivanting ways and just settle on being a dad. And I never regretted my decision.

Two girls, one world to conquer.
If you think about it, abortion becomes an option when you think that you're so helpless and you're so irresponsible and you think that there is no more option left but to do the most stupid thing to do---kill that fetus inside of you.

When you think of abortion, you already admitted that you're irresponsible and stupid. Why abort a life when there are so many options for you?

If you think "career" is a reason, then, you're as stupid as any other woman  or guy out there in the slums. Fact is, they're even better than you. Inspite of their economic status, they still continue on with the pregnancy, no matter what. What if society laughs at them for having ten kids? At least they'e not murderers.

When my wife told me that she'll be having twins, I had second thoughts. Why did God ever give me this kind of problem? I mean, I'm just recovering financially and here comes two additional "burdens".

All of these thoughts dissipated when I saw my two new babies. And I just praised God that He gave me these gifts.

This will be the things which Rhian will sorely miss. (If at all, this abortion issue is true.)

Ace water spa--the Metro's Ultimate Swimming and Spa experience

Do you know that you don't need to travel outside of Manila to enjoy and relax? There's a "secret enclave" here, known for many years to Chinoys and some Pinoys, that gives you great relaxation, great fun for the kids, without the hassle of burning gas or paying expensive toll fees.

It started as a small outlet in La Loma Quezon City and they are now in Pasig. Yep, I'm talking about Ace water spa.

I began going to Ace when I got one leaflet from Harbor View, the seafood restaurant fronting the Manila Bay and beside the Quirino grandstand in Manila. I was intrigue by what it said---experience the joy of hydrotheraphy.

Hydrotheraphy is one thing that the Chinese knew from centuries and generations back. Simply, it is healing your body by using water splashed in certain points known as meridian points.

Ace water spa has about 30 plus hydrotheraphy water sprouts and four herbal pools and four saunas, great for those tired and aching bodies.

If you want to be reinvigorated, go to Ace water spa and experience the great things me and my family already did in more than a couple of times already.
The cost, you ask? It's just 550 per pax. Now, hold on a minute! Expensive you mean? Nope.

If you go out of Manila, you'll spend nearly 500 just on toll fees not to mention gas. Then, you"ll spend at least 100 per pax for entrance fees without cottages, which are about 500-700 per. Imagine ttravelling two to three hours just to get the same experience satiating your swimming addiction?

Enjoy Diamond Hotel in Manila without spending much

The Diamond in the rough
Diamond Hotel is the most expensive hotel along the Roxas boulevard strip. Bought and refurnished by San Miguel beer chairman Ramon Ang, Diamond has been the stuff of talks since its re-launching several years ago. What has been a hotel with "unsavory" reputation, is now a very posh 5-star hotel with world-class amenities.

Credit that to the Cecille Ang, the daughter of Ramon, whose passion and creativity really makes Diamond what it is---a toast of Manila's crowd with a distinctive taste.

Swimming late at the Diamond
Now, how in the world did I and my family afford staying there eight or ten times already during the past three years? If you calculate the costs of one Diamond hotel room, you'll be surprised that it is competitive with other Asian hotels. If you compare it here, you'll immediately say it's expensive. Sofitel, which is another hotel I used to stay in just to relax, is a tad higher. Compare the rooms and the service and you'll find that both are just the same.

Anyway, what's my secret in being able to stay there and enjoy the sumptuous and delicious food buffets, the gym, the sauna, the swimming pool and all the rest of the amenities?

I just bought myself a Diamond Indulgence card. Yep.

For only 5,500, you'll get tremendous gifts and benefits you never dreamed of.

You'll get one night free for a night you book at member's rate. You get another night free if you book two nights. Breakfasts included for two.

You get great discounts for your lunch and dinner, and free this and free that for desserts and welcome food. Plus, you get a week's experience trying out the hotel's gym and swimming pool. If you're tired of all that swimming, then they have two spas of course, discounted. Having a massage at Diamond is much cheaper than, say, the Spa?

Kohikan coffee is the best coffee cup in town and you'll only find it at Diamond.

So there, you just need to know where and how things are in Manila. If you want to taste luxury without really burning too much dough, go to Diamond. Opps, wrong. Read it first here before you start going somewhere.

Daddy sees red

PM as daddy. Wow. This is
something you need to know
Daddy sees Red is my blog as a daddy. Yes, this is a been there done that sort of thing. But there's more to Daddy sees Red than anything. It's a self-help journal. Yep, for those who want nothing more than escape daddyhood without any wound or anything, this blog is for you.

I'll try to eat in as many restos there is, explore as many places as I can afford and try out as many gadgets as possible to try and get a sense of how useful or valuable these things are to a regular dad like me.

I mean, before you burn your money, best if you read my blog. You may be burning it rather unnecessarily. In these times, being knowledgeable is more important than being moneyed. Really.

I've been burned a couple of times really. I see something online and it looks good. When I go there and check and sample, all I see is nah, not good, when I already burned my money with all those gasoline I bought.

By the way, "red" here means "sale". Unknown to many, I am very much lucky going to sales. Yes, I buy stuff in great sales offers, and you'll be surprised that most of these sales events are in malls. Yep, malls. And really, I buy global brands during sales events in their own outlets. Buying things on sale in malls is better than going to Divisoria.

So, yeah, expect very new and revealing things here. 

NOw, if you want me to try those new stuff, go ahead. Just email me and I'll write it here. But, don't expect me to be kind or mean or whatever. I'll write what I think is the value of this thing to me and to other dads out there, yeah.