Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Manila Toasts Johnnie Walker's Voyager Yacht arrival

Johnnie Walker and Son's Voyager yacht was Manila's toast
Eighty years ago, the iconic Johnnie Walker and Sons whiskey yacht, and the only one in the world, visited Old Manila. Back then, Manila was a cosmopolitan port city, the toast of the Pacific because of its wonderful European style houses and structures and unique charms.

Now, Manila is its old self, but struggling towards modernization. Gone are those iconic houses, and in lieu, high rise buildings and modern structures befitting a city that is trying to get away from its old self.

Johnnie Walker's second coming celebrates Manila's re-awakening, from the dark days of poverty and despair, to a wonderful, wonderful new world of modernity. Voyager, the iconic whiskey yacht that visited Manila eighty years ago, has come back. Like before, Johnnie Walker invited Manila's creme dela creme for a fun-filled night full of exquisite whiskeys. Yep.

The Voyager's arrival is a testament of how the world now regain Manila and the Philippines---as a rising star of modernization in the world.

I was fortunate to be invited in this event. Johnnie Walker's yacht is docked infront of Oceana, at the Mall of Asia. What was once a drab back of Oceana, was transformed into a 20s replica bar, complete with twentish dancers dancing the 1920's hit music.

Of course, aside from the pika-pikas, Johnnie Walker whiskeys poured like water all throughout the night. The event was spec-ta-cu-lar!

Johnnie Walker also unveiled their newest creation---the Odyssey. The Odyssey is inside a special bottle that moves like the waves of the ocean. Wow.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Why is Noynoy apathetic?

Every single day I leave my house to work for my family. The monthly earnings I get doing marketing communications give my family the convenience they enjoy. However, lately, I see my monthly take insufficient to even feed my two twins.

This is unfortunate, and revelatory at the same time. Unfortunate because there is nothing you can do. You can't  ignore the cries of a hungry baby, can you? You just need to fork out that money. Nothing you can do. They can't feed on bananas. 

Revelatory because you think what will happen to them five or ten or twenty years from now? If now, things are skyrocketing and you really cannot do anything, what about them, what will happen to them?

Is the future so bleak that only darkness one sees in the future? If the people right now cannot seem to buy what they need to survive, then, what will happen? 

I shudder the thought of a hungrier world, while a few amass wealth, honor and dignity as a person. 

Hunger and poverty dehumanizes man. What will happen to my kids in the future? I just hope that I am still around when they graduate college. The thing is, will they ever, given the rising tuition fees and salaries remain as is?

If I am trying to make ends meet, how about those millions who walk along the streets of Manila, hungry and jobless? 

I shudder at the thought of a family required to earn 100,000 per month just to survive? I'm earning that much now, and still, unable to satisfy the requirements of my family.

I don't accept the explanation given by this government that they are helpless in doing something about rising oil, fuel, electricity, water and food stuffs? If they are helpless, what is now the reason for us, having a government? If government is helpless, then, it is useless. What do we do about it?

I know it's really a simple thing to explain these things. The reason why Noynoy is apathetic is the fact that he does not have a family to feed. He's a care-free guy who enjoys his wealth, his women and power. That explains why he cannot seem to understand why we demand him to work his ass off to solve these food problems.

Next time, do elect someone who understands the plight of the poor.