Friday, December 2, 2011

Ace water spa--the Metro's Ultimate Swimming and Spa experience

Do you know that you don't need to travel outside of Manila to enjoy and relax? There's a "secret enclave" here, known for many years to Chinoys and some Pinoys, that gives you great relaxation, great fun for the kids, without the hassle of burning gas or paying expensive toll fees.

It started as a small outlet in La Loma Quezon City and they are now in Pasig. Yep, I'm talking about Ace water spa.

I began going to Ace when I got one leaflet from Harbor View, the seafood restaurant fronting the Manila Bay and beside the Quirino grandstand in Manila. I was intrigue by what it said---experience the joy of hydrotheraphy.

Hydrotheraphy is one thing that the Chinese knew from centuries and generations back. Simply, it is healing your body by using water splashed in certain points known as meridian points.

Ace water spa has about 30 plus hydrotheraphy water sprouts and four herbal pools and four saunas, great for those tired and aching bodies.

If you want to be reinvigorated, go to Ace water spa and experience the great things me and my family already did in more than a couple of times already.
The cost, you ask? It's just 550 per pax. Now, hold on a minute! Expensive you mean? Nope.

If you go out of Manila, you'll spend nearly 500 just on toll fees not to mention gas. Then, you"ll spend at least 100 per pax for entrance fees without cottages, which are about 500-700 per. Imagine ttravelling two to three hours just to get the same experience satiating your swimming addiction?

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  1. I think it's all worth the money considering that you can stay for 4hrs and avail of all the hydrotherapy services from Ace Water Spa! That's why I always check on the internet to see of there's any discount promos from Ace Water Spa!

    BTW, saw this one on MetroDeal: