Friday, December 2, 2011

Enjoy Diamond Hotel in Manila without spending much

The Diamond in the rough
Diamond Hotel is the most expensive hotel along the Roxas boulevard strip. Bought and refurnished by San Miguel beer chairman Ramon Ang, Diamond has been the stuff of talks since its re-launching several years ago. What has been a hotel with "unsavory" reputation, is now a very posh 5-star hotel with world-class amenities.

Credit that to the Cecille Ang, the daughter of Ramon, whose passion and creativity really makes Diamond what it is---a toast of Manila's crowd with a distinctive taste.

Swimming late at the Diamond
Now, how in the world did I and my family afford staying there eight or ten times already during the past three years? If you calculate the costs of one Diamond hotel room, you'll be surprised that it is competitive with other Asian hotels. If you compare it here, you'll immediately say it's expensive. Sofitel, which is another hotel I used to stay in just to relax, is a tad higher. Compare the rooms and the service and you'll find that both are just the same.

Anyway, what's my secret in being able to stay there and enjoy the sumptuous and delicious food buffets, the gym, the sauna, the swimming pool and all the rest of the amenities?

I just bought myself a Diamond Indulgence card. Yep.

For only 5,500, you'll get tremendous gifts and benefits you never dreamed of.

You'll get one night free for a night you book at member's rate. You get another night free if you book two nights. Breakfasts included for two.

You get great discounts for your lunch and dinner, and free this and free that for desserts and welcome food. Plus, you get a week's experience trying out the hotel's gym and swimming pool. If you're tired of all that swimming, then they have two spas of course, discounted. Having a massage at Diamond is much cheaper than, say, the Spa?

Kohikan coffee is the best coffee cup in town and you'll only find it at Diamond.

So there, you just need to know where and how things are in Manila. If you want to taste luxury without really burning too much dough, go to Diamond. Opps, wrong. Read it first here before you start going somewhere.

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