Friday, December 2, 2011

On Rhian Ramos alleged abortion--what she missed

the joy of seeing your kid having fun
is the best thing in the world
Seriously, I wasn't surprised with what DJ Mo Twister revealed--that his girlfriend of so many months, Rhian Ramos, has just gotten herself pregnant and went to Singapore to do a procedure.

I mean, Moo has been a menace for three girls already---Buddy Paras, this beautiful Australian McBride and another sweet pretty young thing, I already forgot the name. This character, Gumatay is his real name, do things that give honor to his real surname. And I'm not really surprised why he's called Twister--that describes his mind.

The joy of motherhood can never be explained
And I don't know Rhian Ramos personally. She looks nice. She looks immaculate and of course, looks always deceive.

Anyway, abortion is not allowed in the Philippines. That's what some people fear about the Reproductive Health bill---when this bill passes in Congress, this will legalize abortion. Nope.

The RH bill really is above this. Abortion only happens when two irresponsible persons meet and have sex, that's when abortion happens.

I'm not moralising here. Honestly, I encountered the same problem like what Rhian and Mo Twister did several years ago, when I was still a bumbling idiot like Mo.

When she opens her eyes, my world lights up
I know you will not believe what I'll be sharing here but this is the truth---I was very active before, going on dates and having sex. Yep, I had, what 27 girlfriends before I finally settled with one--my current wife.

I got a girlfriend pregnant. We thought then of aborting it but we never did. Now, she's my wife and we enjoy the company of five lovely kids, all gifts from God.

I just realized that my life is going nowhere and that prompted me to end my gallivanting ways and just settle on being a dad. And I never regretted my decision.

Two girls, one world to conquer.
If you think about it, abortion becomes an option when you think that you're so helpless and you're so irresponsible and you think that there is no more option left but to do the most stupid thing to do---kill that fetus inside of you.

When you think of abortion, you already admitted that you're irresponsible and stupid. Why abort a life when there are so many options for you?

If you think "career" is a reason, then, you're as stupid as any other woman  or guy out there in the slums. Fact is, they're even better than you. Inspite of their economic status, they still continue on with the pregnancy, no matter what. What if society laughs at them for having ten kids? At least they'e not murderers.

When my wife told me that she'll be having twins, I had second thoughts. Why did God ever give me this kind of problem? I mean, I'm just recovering financially and here comes two additional "burdens".

All of these thoughts dissipated when I saw my two new babies. And I just praised God that He gave me these gifts.

This will be the things which Rhian will sorely miss. (If at all, this abortion issue is true.)


  1. As a feminist and a graduate of Gender Studies (same school as yours) the woman has every right to decide what is best for her-her health and her body. She should not be judge by society, someone's opinion, nor religious beliefs, like your blog. In your blog, you have judged Rhian and other women who may have gone thru abortion for their own "personal" reasons we are not privy to. You have already labelled what she did as a "sin," and therefore, have accused both Mo and Rhian as "bad" people and you're much better off than them. Your blog is a very one-sided opinion. The RH Bill is being passed to give the woman to finally make her own decision what she deems is best. It is her body and not anyone else's including yours. This is a very "macho" opinion.

    Aivette Polotan

  2. To say that a woman has a right over her body is making the woman herself her own God. Nobody owns anything in this world! Only God owns our body. We are merely "stewards" or "caretakers" of our bodies. To say that it is a woman's right to do whatever she wants to her life and her body is taking over the role of God of the universe. The RH Bill is being passed under the guise of giving a woman a right but in reality it is the government's way to find a so-called solution to the poverty problem thinking that the population explosion is the sole reason behind the country's poverty-stricken state.

  3. Hi NIkki,

    I did not. I did not say that what she did was a sin> i Just wrote what society says about people resorting to abortion.

    That's why I said that this thing is not in anyway connected with the RH bill because people might mistakenly link this issue of abortion with that of RH bill, which Rhian supports.

    I recognize every individual's right but I am not talking about right's here. I am talking about a person's reasons why they normally resort to abortion.

    You have a point Nikki that every woman has a right and I dont dispute that. All I wrote are the usual reasons why people resort to this thing and the difference of people NOT giving up and not exercising that right.

    BY the way, rights have basis in law. If abortion is a right, where on earth is that right based on?

  4. Nikki, this is a late reply. But I hope you’re not the vain and stupid poster anymore that you were in 2011 when you posted your I’m-above-God comment.