Friday, December 2, 2011

Daddy sees red

PM as daddy. Wow. This is
something you need to know
Daddy sees Red is my blog as a daddy. Yes, this is a been there done that sort of thing. But there's more to Daddy sees Red than anything. It's a self-help journal. Yep, for those who want nothing more than escape daddyhood without any wound or anything, this blog is for you.

I'll try to eat in as many restos there is, explore as many places as I can afford and try out as many gadgets as possible to try and get a sense of how useful or valuable these things are to a regular dad like me.

I mean, before you burn your money, best if you read my blog. You may be burning it rather unnecessarily. In these times, being knowledgeable is more important than being moneyed. Really.

I've been burned a couple of times really. I see something online and it looks good. When I go there and check and sample, all I see is nah, not good, when I already burned my money with all those gasoline I bought.

By the way, "red" here means "sale". Unknown to many, I am very much lucky going to sales. Yes, I buy stuff in great sales offers, and you'll be surprised that most of these sales events are in malls. Yep, malls. And really, I buy global brands during sales events in their own outlets. Buying things on sale in malls is better than going to Divisoria.

So, yeah, expect very new and revealing things here. 

NOw, if you want me to try those new stuff, go ahead. Just email me and I'll write it here. But, don't expect me to be kind or mean or whatever. I'll write what I think is the value of this thing to me and to other dads out there, yeah.

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