Friday, December 16, 2011

Always and Forever--for the twins of my youth

The twins of my life
I would like to share with you photos of my twins. I named the first, Adelaide while the second, Alyssa. It's always fun taking care of them.

Adelaide seems to be the serious type while Alyssa seems to be no cares of the world. She slogs off, feeds, smiles, then, sleeps. Adelaide is always conscious of the things occurring around her.

They're both cute and cuddly. And they always fight for food. Alyssa is heavier than Adelaide by a few pounds, that's why Adelaide wants to catch up. However, my wife seems unable to provide them enough time. In the photo above, Alyssa is the one on the left while Adelaide is on the right.

Let me share with you a song which rightfully describes how much I love my twins. It's called "Always and Forever" by the Heatwave.

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